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LT-300                                                                     Datalys 500                                                               Datalys 780


     Digital Video Colposcope                              Fetal Maternal Monitor                                Intensive Care Unit Monitor

The LT-300 is a complete digital video colposcope system. It contains a SONY high definition CCD image module and super bright LED light source for clarity
of color
With fetal external parameter (twins monitoring, external uterine contraction), and maternal  parameters (NIBP, ECG, TEMP, SPO2, Datalys 500M can meet the needs of antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum. The Datalys 500 Series has 4 unique Fetal Monitors with excellent performance, super working systems, and powerful functional memory.
Datalys 780 incorporates the world’s best medical technology from monitoring providers.  Assuredly, Datalys 780 provides medical professionals with powerful monitoring options and functionality to match the demands of a wide range of care in any hospital environment.


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